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Fruit and vegetables with delivery in Moscow

Assorted greenery Assorted greenery 70 g Add to Cart $1.99 US
Potatoes Potatoes 1 kg Add to Cart $2.99 US
Common onion Common onion 1 kg Add to Cart $2.99 US
White cabbage White cabbage 1 kg Add to Cart $3.99 US
Oranges Oranges 1 kg Add to Cart $3.99 US
Mango Mango 1 piece Add to Cart $3.99 US
Bananas Bananas 1 kg Add to Cart $4.59 US
Beetroot Beetroot 1 kg Add to Cart $5.99 US
Garlic Garlic 1 kg Add to Cart $6.99 US
Lemons Lemons 1 kg Add to Cart $6.99 US

Send fruits and vegatables foodstore online with delivery in Moscow and worldwide with Cyber Florist!

Order online delivery of fruits and vegetables in Moscow and any city around the world with Cyber Florist delivery service.

Our foodstore department allows to combine any fruits and vegetables you need and order delivery in Moscow and worldwide.

Foodstore orders are going out for delivery in nice packing so recipients will always be happy to receive such a gift.

Ordering online delivery of fruits and vegetables is pretty convinient. Simply choose products you would like to send in your cart and place your both payment and order online in most convenient way for you.

Our delivery service will prepare the foodstore set you chose, pack it nice and send out in Moscow to recipients address.

Different fruits and vegetables are available in different countries and some products may become unavaiable in Moscow. Keep that fact in mind when ordering fruits and vegetables delivery online.

Feel free to contact our online 24\7 customer support regarding any issues with ordering foodstore delivery in Moscow and worldwide.

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