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Groceries with delivery in Moscow

Vanilla powder Vanilla powder 3 g Add to Cart $1.19 US
Black Pepper Black Pepper 10 g Add to Cart $1.49 US
Yeast dry Yeast dry 10 g Add to Cart $1.69 US
Citric acid Citric acid 50 g Add to Cart $1.99 US
Black peppercorn Black peppercorn 10 g Add to Cart $1.99 US
Iodized Salt Iodized Salt 1 kg Add to Cart $1.99 US
Salt Salt 1 kg Add to Cart $1.99 US
Dry mustard Dry mustard 50 g Add to Cart $1.99 US
Bay leaf Bay leaf 20 g Add to Cart $1.99 US
Pot barley Pot barley 600 g Add to Cart $2.19 US

Send grocery and foodstore online with delivery in Moscow with Cyber Florist!

Send a grocery set or a foodstore if you want to make useful and necessary gift. Order online grocery delivery with Cyber Florist in Moscow to any home or office address.

In Cyber ​​Florist catalog you can buy pasta, order salt, sugar and other spices. Buy cereals, bay leaves and other groceries for your family.

There are many situations in which people need our care. e can not always show it personally, being near. But now, with the help of Cyber-Florist, you can show your care, you can even help with the purchase of products from a distance.

It is difficult to understand where to buy groceries in Moscow, being in another city or even in another country. But Cyber ​​Florist solves these problems easily.

You just need to select and order products online at Cyber-Florist, place and pay for your order and it will be delivered exactly on the day you selected to the address you specified.

There is a fairly large selection of products in our catalog, but if you did not find the product you need, just issue custom order, specify in it contains all the goods that you want to order with delivery in Moscow.

Our managers will contact you and discuss all the details.

You can pay for your order online using one of the several options presented.

Please note that only fully paid orders are accepted for processing and delivery.

Give your loved ones the best!

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