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Bakery products with delivery in Moscow

Rye bread Rye bread 400 g Add to Cart $1.99 US
Papaver muffin Papaver muffin 200 g Add to Cart $1.99 US
Loaf of wheat bread Loaf of wheat bread 700 g Add to Cart $1.99 US
Pretzels Pretzels 250 g Add to Cart $2.99 US
Salted crackers Salted crackers 250 g Add to Cart $2.99 US
Rye crispbread Rye crispbread 200 g Add to Cart $3.99 US
FinnCrisp dry bread FinnCrisp dry bread 200 g Add to Cart $5.99 US

Buy bread and bakery products with delivery with Cyber Florist!

Send baked goods online with home delivery in Moscow with Cyber Florist. Looking to order foodstore, but do not know where to buy bread, drying cookies in Moscow, because you are in another city or even in another country? Cyber ​​Florist will help!

In our catalog you will find different types of bread, crackers, pastries, drying or croutons, which can be ordered with delivery in Moscow and to any city in the world.

You can also buy flour, yeast, starch or jelly.

You can find various products in Cyber Florist catalog and order them with delivery in Moscow. This is very convenient if you want to help relatives or friends who are in another city or another country.

You can order flowers or a fruit basket as a gift from Cyber-Florist and add a grocery set to them, including everything you need. Since you choose the groceries yourself, you can buy groceries that are usually not included in gift sets, but will be useful in any household.

This is a great way to support elderly relatives or take care of someone who is not able to visit the store in person.

Bread can be bought online and paid directly on the website, specify the date and delivery address - the order will be delivered on time.

If you need help with placing an order, if you have any questions or difficulties, please contact our support service, it works for you 24/7.

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