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Sweets foodstore with delivery in Moscow

Jubilee cookies Jubilee cookies 126 g Add to Cart $1.99 US
Salted Crackers Salted Crackers 220 g Add to Cart $2.19 US
Jubilee cookies Jubilee cookies 150 g Add to Cart $2.19 US
Alpen Gold jam filled cookies Alpen Gold jam filled cookies 140 g Add to Cart $2.99 US
"Shakhmatnoe" cookies 200 g Add to Cart $2.99 US
Vienna wafers Vienna wafers "Akulchev" 150 g Add to Cart $3.09 US
Yashkino chocolate wafers Yashkino chocolate wafers 300 g Add to Cart $3.19 US
Assorted caramel Assorted caramel 250 g Add to Cart $3.19 US
Jam filled roll Jam filled roll 200 g Add to Cart $3.29 US
Chocolate bar Chocolate bar 90 g (assorted) Add to Cart $3.49 US

Send sweets online with delivery in Moscow and worldwide with Cyber Florist!

Do you want to buy sweets to pamper your loved ones, but our pre-made gift baskets are not suitable for you?

We have a solution! Collect your own set of sweets and order delivery in Moscow and to your family to your home or office. We can even deliver your gifts to the hospital, if not prohibited by their rules.

It's easy to buy and send sweets online in Cyber ​​Florist - choose the products you need in our catalog and add them to your cart. Specify the date and city of delivery. You can also add flowers or balloons to your order during the checkout process (Step 1 - Additional options).

In our catalog you can order cookies, caramel, waffles, as well as buy chocolate, marmalade and marshmallows with delivery in Moscow

You can now order sweets, pastries and arrange a wonderful family tea party for your family even when you are very far away.

Imagine how surprised they will be when the courier delivers your order. You can order a surprise delivery, in this case we will not call the recipient before delivery, but the courier will transfer your order to any person who will be at the address you specified at the time of delivery.

Do not forget that only fully paid orders are accepted for processing. You can pay for ordered products online in different ways - choose the one that is most convenient for you.

If you have any questions or difficulties when placing an order, please contact our support service, operators work for you daily and around the clock. They will be happy to answer all your questions and help you buy sweets for your loved ones.

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